Frequently Asked Questions


Please see below for some of the more commonly asked questions, if you need more information please call or email us.

  • Do I need to be referred to you by a doctor?

    No. We can work with you without the need for a GP visit. We can discuss things with your GP if you wish.

  • Are there charges for Hand Therapy?

    There are no additional charge as it’s fully ACC funded

    Physio appointments $25.

  • How do I arrange an appointment?

    Click here to make a appointment. Alternatively, an appointment can be requested through the "Contact Us" link on the website, by email or by calling us.

  • How long do appointments take?

    Appointments are half-hour long unless otherwise suggested. Initial post op appointments could also be up to one time unit. there's a registration type and potential further work to be completed on your initial visit thus please arrive ten minutes earlier to present yourself time to finish this.

    We endeavour to run to time but we have a tendency to do provide associate acute splinting service for trauma purchasers, this might now and again influence our schedule and cause us to run late. we have a tendency to apologise for any delays or inconvenience this might cause.

  • Do I need to bring anything?

    Bring anything you feel is needed, if you have any of the following that relates to the nature of the appointment, please bring them
    • X-rays and or reports
    • Any other investigation results (MRI, US)
    • ACC details if already completed
    • Work insurer details
    • Hospital discharge papers
    • Operation details
    • Referral form from GP, A&E, hospital, surgeon, Physio etc

  • Is there any costs for appointments?

    ACC hand contract treatments are fully funded by ACC and have no extra payments

    ACC Physio Contract Appointments have a cost of $25 per visit

    Our private charge is $60 for first appointment which is 30 mins long and $45 for follow up appointments of the same time frame.

    Items such as tape, creams, lotions, exercise equipment and others are available to buy.

  • Can you help me complete the ACC paperwork?

    Yes. If your injury is as a result of an accident we can provide and help with the ACC paperwork needed.

    We can then submit the paperwork to ACC and they will contact you directly.

    If you have a work-related or gradual injury claim, you will need to contact your GP first.

  • How can I pay any fees needed?

    Full payment is due at the time of treatment. We Accept Cash and Eftpos. Internet banking details will be provided if needed. Please speak to reception if you want to arrange installments or by alternative special arrangement. Outstanding accounts are sent out monthly.

  • What happens if I don't make it to an appointment or if I am late?

    We have a 24 prior to appointment cancellation policy. Please let us know if you're unable to attend your appointment. Late cancellations (less than 24hr notice) could incur a fee.

    If you arrive late we reserve the right to shorten your appointment to prevent inconvenience to the next patient.

    Repeated non-attandance will mean we reserve the right to withdraw appointments in the future.

  • What happens during my first appointment?

    We will take a look at your injury, ask you questions about how it developed or started. From there we can work out a treatment plan aims at getting your injury cared for.

  • Do you have onsite parking?

    Yes, we have off-street parking right outside our building

  • What do I do if I have concerns about the treatment you provide?

    We appreciate all feedback, bad as well as good. We are happy to discuss your concerns.

    Please ask at reception to speak to Jo.